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I Technical Scientific Colloquium on Rum 2013


Second part

Cuban Light Rum, soft, fruity, delicate and little aggressive in the mouth, can be drunk alone or mixed, cold and at room temperature. These are qualities that allow the development of cocktail making -since the early twentieth century two great burst Cuban cocktails: the "daiquiri" and "Cuba Libre", who accompany with other mixtures, in his walk by history- sales growth and consumer preference.

We have remarked the association of producers which occurred in the first 20 years of the twentieth century. In the next years, rums of importance for their quality, degree of aging and sales volume started gaining relevance, as well as other of mainly domestic consumption of lower quality and produced in small factories with little or no capacity of aging.

During all this time and until 1960 the Bacardi Castillo, Alvarez Camps (in Santiago de Cuba) rums prevailed; Havana Club (in Cardenas); Ronera Occidental, Cienfuegos and a few more, with obvious prominence of Santiago de Cuba with Bacardi rums followed by Cardenas with Havana Club.

After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1959, the new government decreed among others, the nationalization of the rum industry.

While in the first 20 years of the century an important association of producers of rum took place, now in the next 20 years from 1960, two transformative processes of the Cuban rum industry occurred giving a great significance to the "Ron Cubano" over other brands. (Third jump).

A First Process: a) concentration of production in the headwaters cities of the six provinces then b) Design, Construction and Commissioning of two rum factories: one in Santa Cruz del Norte to take the productions of the Havana Club trademark, and one in Santo Domingo in the province of Villa Clara c) Reduction in the number of brands export namely: Havana Club, Caney, Varadero and Caribbean; as well as mainly for domestic consumption provincial brands such as: Ronda, Santiago, Yucayo, Decano, Puerto Principe, Pinilla, Matusalén and others.

A second process: being concentrated the productions and Streamlined the brands, a sharing of knowledge and experience occurred from 1970, in which everyone kept the distinctiveness of each brand, but is sought among all manufacturers, the implementation of good practices needed to make the authentic Cuban rum.

the use of any substance and / or flavoring and few practices opposed to the natural aging are prohibited. Sensory evaluation panels were organized on a national basis, aimed not only to quality control; but also to identify and affirm the typical Cuban rum in its aroma and flavor.

Modern laboratories were developed, a significant number of graduates of university level for all specialties needed in the study, design and control of all unit processes that form the chain of rum were incorporated; from the selection of molasses to finished product.

Research Centers of scientific techniques are created so that more scientific rigor could keep all the constituent legacy of Cuban rum, while the main achievements of science and technology for the necessary modernization of the industry and international competitiveness were introduced. However, the Cuban rum is prevented from being present even today in the United States, the main market of rum in the world, and this because of, commercial and financial blockade decreed by its government to products of Cuban origin.

This whole process of scientific and technical updating took place in an organized manner in a pertaining Integral Plan to the Ministry of Food Industry (MINAL), with the decisive participation of experienced manufacturers who brought their experiences and all the inheritance received by many years, communicating the younger but this time as repositories of highly technical scientific level.

Also important was the participation of senior managers of MINAL, necessary for decision making, screening productions and to finance investments that were derived.

All operations involved in the production of rum were studied in depth and it may well be said that a new qualitative leap occurred, this time to science and technology that also served to assure the rich tradition.

It was also decided that Havana Club was the leading brand of Cuban rums.

If this process of scientific and technical depth was important, it was also important the contribution of the largest manufacturers (masters), to contribute with their experienced, disciplined, respectful and persistent repetitions of operations and mixtures.

It became clear that all this should be studied and perfected, but never replaced.

It proved a real school approach and recognize those masters-producers, for their high sense of belonging, by prominent respect to aging, selection and care of barrels and, most particularly, by the sensory recognition of Cuban rum in each raw material and rums at each of the manufacturing steps. At any stage of the complex process, they recognized the genuine Cuban rum and cared for and respected, they knew how to call "each sheep by its name."

These two processes ensured the conditions to continue producing and controlling the highest level of quality, Cuban rum and ensured its historical continuity now in the hands of a new highly qualified and faithful generation of custodians of the richest tradition.

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