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Cuba Ron S.A. Corporation is the producing organization for the trademarks of rum in Cuba, receiver of the faithfulest traditions in the Cuban Rum Culture.

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At 28 years of foundation, Cuba Ron does not give up its efforts to continue promoting the name of Cuban rum and continues to bet on building new lines of work and alliances that allow it to achieve such a purpose. One of these collaborations is the cooperation project of Cuba Ron S.A with the Beverage and Liquor Companies (EMBER) to begin the production of Cuban rums.

This project has the advice of the Teachers Movement and the extensive experience accumulated by Cuba Ron, taking into account the parameters and quality indices in which the corporation is a global leader.

In the words of the Master of Cuban Rum, Salomé Alemán, this new path of work will allow the development of two fundamental lines: on the one hand, “establish a commercial relationship materialized by contract from the delivery of alcohols, spirits, semi-finished products such as national wines. and others, which allow these companies the incorporation of bases to their wineries and the diversification of their productions, fundamentally destined to satisfy the national demand for rums ”.

On the other hand, "spaces are fostered for technical exchange and the incorporation of regulatory aspects necessary for the work of the industry", which would mean favoring the conception of new spirits.

For the specialist, the creation of new products is essential, since every company must have within its projections, when assimilating any collaboration, that premise. But, she clarifies, "it is vitally important to encourage technological innovation and the development of existing brands."

In this sense, technological improvements should contribute to higher quality and increased production of Cuban light rum. This is an essential point for Salomé Alemán, as project advisor, in her role as her master rum maker. «The Movement of Teachers visualizes the need for joint work between both companies with the aim of spreading the traditional way of production, understanding and acceptance by other producers of the cultural aspect of Cuban rum. For this, important steps have already been taken and we intend to support in all possible aspects the materialization of these exchanges.

For this reason, training work has been carried out at various levels and collaborations such as the one started with the EMBER, something that facilitates the productive path, so that all the rum made in Cuba has the established indicators. In addition, this type of project allows optimizing the training of new generations of specialists and connoisseurs of good rum art.

«This evaluation and support work guarantees the exchange with young specialists, who are receiving information about the work of the current movement of teachers and the need to adjust to compliance with technical standards and good production practices as the only way to guarantee the health of Cuban rum over time. Work is already under way on the preparation of the files of the first proposals of candidates for EMBER factories, which will have to go through the strict and long path established in the existing Teachers Regulation, "explains Salomé Alemán, who was the first woman in Cuba to She held the distinction of Maestra del Ron Cubano.

It is not the first time that this type of collaboration has taken place, since relationships between companies have always existed and in one way or another, whether due to competitiveness or camaraderie, a contact between entities has ended up that favors productive growth. For example, as a result of the joint collaboration with the Pinar del Río beverage company, since 2019 the Cuban archipelago has had a Cuban Rum Master outside the Cuba Rum corporate system, belonging to the El Valle factory, something that undoubtedly strengthens the production of spirits at the national level, to undertake paths towards obtaining protected designations of origin.

On this matter, Salomé Alemán considers that «the Protected Designation of Origin, which today only Cuba Ron holds, must become the most desired goal for all producers, it is a long road that must be assumed with great responsibility and perseverance and we are willing to accompany them, give them all the help and collaboration possible, because obtaining this category is an essential endorsement and guarantee for our productions.

«The prestige achieved by Cuban rums in the world is evident, evidenced by the annual growth rates of exports. The EMBERs are not unaware of this, since they have their participation quota that must increase and thus, the rum made in Cuba with our raw materials and our know-how continues to be recognized and preferred throughout the world ", emphasizes the specialist.

The Rum Master, Juan Carlos González Delgado, joins this consideration, since «undoubtedly, if the collaboration is maintained over time and the technological improvements and the recommendations made are put into practice, the quality of the products, the efficiency industrial and, in general, economic indicators. Therefore, the market has to reflect these achievements in a better presence and competitiveness between the products.

We are waiting for the fruits that this new path started between Cuba Ron S.A. will give. and the Beverage and Liquor Companies (EMBER). Undoubtedly, the business ecosystem of rum production, and even consumers, will appreciate it, because it is about continuing to defend our Cuban light rum.

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Siglo y Medio Rum

In order to commemorate the 150 anniversary, the Masters of Rum prepared a new product, with a production limited by its incredible quality. Now we present a product that is excellence itself, something sublime prepared with much love, dedication and mysticism, in honor of the genuine and authentic Cuban Rum of all times.

Alcoholic degree: 40%

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Cubay Carta Blanca Extra Viejo

Unique and unrepeatable, of extraordinary flavor and delicate aroma, Cuban rum comes from sugar cane, which with its characteristic sweetness and spirit, expressed in a magnificent eau-de-vie wisely aged, together with the centennial secrets of the Cuban Masters of Rum, are the complement of this mythical creation.

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Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum

It´s taste is a magical journey through the varied and soft fruit flavors and spices that grow on this earth. The Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum is a one hundred percent privileged encounter with the character of Santiago.

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Dark

Quality: 100%

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Isla del Tesoro Rum

It is a mixture of bases of rums aged in "precious coffers", that once again breed the "wonderful jewel" of the Cuban Rum, heir of the wisdom, the delivery and the work of the vigorous Rum Factory of Santiago de Cuba, with more than 150 years dedicated to the manufacture of the genuine "all times rum".

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Medium

Quality: 95%