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Cuba Ron S.A. Corporation is the producing organization for the trademarks of rum in Cuba, receiver of the faithfulest traditions in the Cuban Rum Culture.

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Welcome to The Corporation Cuba Ron S.A.
We manufacture, market and export rums and other alcoholic drinks.
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Cubay Extraviejo Rum

Made with the use of a unique technology from extra-aged bases!

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Limited Edition

Siglo y Medio Rum

In order to commemorate the 150 anniversary, the Masters of Rum prepared a new product, with a production limited by its incredible quality. Now we present a product that is excellence itself, something sublime prepared with much love, dedication and mysticism, in honor of the genuine and authentic Cuban Rum of all times.

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Medium-Dark

Quality: 100%

Limited Edition

Cubay Carta Blanca Extra Viejo

Unique and unrepeatable, of extraordinary flavor and delicate aroma, Cuban rum comes from sugar cane, which with its characteristic sweetness and spirit, expressed in a magnificent eau-de-vie wisely aged, together with the centennial secrets of the Cuban Masters of Rum, are the complement of this mythical creation.

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Light-Amber

Quality: 95%

Limited Edition

Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum

It´s taste is a magical journey through the varied and soft fruit flavors and spices that grow on this earth. The Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum is a one hundred percent privileged encounter with the character of Santiago.

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Dark

Quality: 100%

Limited Edition

Isla del Tesoro Rum

It is a mixture of bases of rums aged in "precious coffers", that once again breed the "wonderful jewel" of the Cuban Rum, heir of the wisdom, the delivery and the work of the vigorous Rum Factory of Santiago de Cuba, with more than 150 years dedicated to the manufacture of the genuine "all times rum".

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Medium

Quality: 95%

Our Key To Success

Cuba Ron S.A. Corporation is the producing organization for the trademarks of rum in Cuba, receiver of the faithfulest traditions in the Cuban Rum Culture. Incorporated in November 1993, it is the organization called to unify harmoniously the main and most traditional Cuban rum factories in a strong and unique business structure, with the agility to respond to the requirements and challenges of today's world trade.
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    Our mission Is to produce, market and export rums and spirits with the highest quality standards to meet the demands of customers, combining high performance of human resources, adequate respect for the environment and technology, with the tradition of the best Cuban rum.
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    Our vision Is to have a portfolio of products for domestic and export market, competitive and diversified according to customer requirements. To have a high level of professionalism, knowledge and motivation of workers to allow them to continuously improve their performance.
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    Cuba Rum has guided The diversification of its essential activity, the production and commercialization of rum and other alcoholic drinks, strengthening its wallet of products with high quality rums.

Rum Factory Cardenas

Located in the province of Matanzas it was founded in 1878 by Don Jose Arechabala Aldama. The product portfolio of this famous winery contemplates Decanters formats of the Havana Club trademark, the Cubay liqueurs, eaux-de-vie Sao Can, the Refino and Perla del Norte rums.


Central Rum Factory

It was founded in 1972 and is located in the municipality of Santo Domingo in the province of Villa Clara. This factory has launched a challenge to the world of spirits: Cubay Carta Blanca Extra Viejo, the first of its kind with 14 years of rest and 40° of alcohol, which preserves the coloring of the rums in its class.


Rum Factory Santa Cruz

Located in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Norte, Mayabeque province, this factory has a total area of 35.1 hectares and a covered area of 73788 m2. Its construction dates back to 1919 and it initially was only a distillery to produce alcohol and other spirits. Now, white and gold Havana Club brands are produced.


Rum Factories Santiago de Cuba

Located at Peralejo street No. 103, between San Antonio and San Ricardo, Santiago de Cuba, it occupies an area of 16,430 m2. Founded in 1862, it is the oldest factory in the country in which the tradition of Cuban light rum has been kept and inseparable part of the national culture.

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News and Articles

Havana Club names finalists for Bar Entrepreneur Awards

Pernod Ricard has revealed the finalists in its Havana Club Bar Entrepreneurs Awards, which celebrates the people behind leading bars around the world.

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Cuba Rum brings his excellence to the Habano’s Festival 2019

The best Cuban rums are a brand of identity closely linked to the culture and history of the places where they are produced. The same happens with Cuban cigars, so the alliance of both products is always welcome at the International Habanos Festival, whose 21st edition was held from February 18th to 22nd, 2019, at the Convention Palace and other spaces in Havana.



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Cuba Ron received the 80th Anniversary flag of The Workers Central Union of Cuba.

Cuba Ron Corporation S.A. was one of the entities selected to receive the

80th Anniversary Flag of the Workers Central Union of Cuba (CTC), in recognition of the work of equal number of labor collectives in the country, delivered on January 27 in the hall of the Lost Steps of the National Capitol in Havana.

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Cuba Ron: productive and friendly with the Environment

The Cuba Ron S.A Corporation is increasingly committed to respecting the environment. The latest investments that the company has made (already cataloged by its great importance) are focused, extremely, to guarantee the minimum environmental impact near its production facilities.


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Tasting of the Santiago 500 at the Iberostar Gran Packard hotel

At the Iberostar Gran Packard hotel, a tasting of the Santiago 500 rum was held with important figures of the national culture and the board of directors of the new hotel.


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Cuba Ron Corporation: commitment to environmental sustainability

With the implementation of the Integrated Management System (SGI) since 2013, the Santa Cruz Rum factory belonging to the Cuba Ron SA Corporation, conceives three stages for the solution of the environmental problems, which integrates the repair of the internal waste network, the construction of the submarine outfall and the installation of a waste treatment plant

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