A rum elaborated with the use of a unique technology from spirits and aged bases, under different stages of mixing and aging in barrels of American white oak from diverse types and uses, in which some components have reached up to 7 years aging being aged in their final stages in old extra barrels that have been preserved with caution and used wisely.



Excellent brilliance, fairness and transparency, testimony and extensive natural aging.

Its dark, mysterious and evocative color, inspires intimacy and closeness, but also takes us to the mystery of the unknown, being the perfect prelude to its aroma


Sophisticated, intense, rich balanced, not irritating when it is deeply inhaled despite its 38% alcohol by volume, no artificial adding.


Soft, fruity, permanent, a torrent of aromas, leaving a clean taste with great body that expresses the magic of aging eaux-de-vie and aged rums.