A brand that reflects a name of araucanian origin, and identifies the rum from Santo Domingo, a town in the province of Villa Clara. Bottled only in origin, it comes in two types: Carta Blanca and Añejo, and also has a wide assortment of liqueurs (Coffee, Cacao, Blue Curacao, Grenadine, Maraschino, Mint, Pineapple, Banana, Triple Sec, Lemon and Coconut).

Its design, defined by a special script, won the 2000 Prize for Creativity and the Technological Initiative awarded by the Cuban Office of Industrial Property. Also, its quality has been awarded the Gold Medal at the FIHAV / 2002 Trade Fair and the Quality in EXPOCARIBE / 2003.


Production lines


Carta Blanca

It is a young Rum aged in its early ages that is characterized by being the ideal product to mix with the range of Cubay Liqueurs that offer different flavors in cocktails. It is almost white, with the amber touch of three years of aging. Ideal for your short or long shots, without losing the good taste of rum.

Alcoholic strength 38%. It is presented in bottles of 70cl.


The Cubay Añejo Rum is designed for demanding Light Rum consumers, who prefer products naturally aged without artifice, allowing them to appreciate, along with the scent of the cane, the fine scent that comes from flirting with oak wood for over 5 years.

Alcoholic strength 38%. It is presented in bottles of 70cl.

Carta Dorada

Personality and brilliance distinguish this rum, developed by the Masters of Rum in a selection of barrels of various uses, which make it stand out for its fine organoleptic balance. Average aging of 4 years. Its deep golden color underscores the natural aging process of Cubay rums. Aged patiently in white oak barrels, this rum is very aromatic, well balanced and its flavor is moderate. Not only it is enjoyed in strike, but is used in classic Cuban cocktails.

Alcoholic strength 38%. It is presented in bottles of 70cl.

Añejo Suave

It reflects the aging techniques of the Masters of Rum in the center of our island. It is a final mix of rums of very varied ages that result in a rum of exceptional softness, harmony and complexity, which makes it interesting to the palate. Aged patiently in white oak barrels, this rum presents an exquisite and balanced scent that combines intense and unforgettable aromas. It is drunk alone, although it can be also great mixed or with ice.

Alcoholic strength 37,5%. It is presented in bottles of 70cl.

Reserva Especial 10 years

The Rum Factory in the center of Cuba has in its cellars the oldest barrels in which, thanks to the art of its Masters of Rum, the famous "Sabor del Centro" continues to be revealed. It is aged in a special selection of oak barrels, that assures great softness and personality.

Alcoholic strength 40%. It is presented in bottles of 70cl.

Elixir 33

A rum of an intense amber aspect, with excellent brilliance, cleanliness and transparency, a testimony of its natural and extensive aging.
In its soft, fruity, permanent, well-defined aroma, the mixture of precious old rums with fruity compounds becomes noticeable.

Alcoholic strength 33%. It is presented in bottles of 70cl.

Cubay Extra Añejo 1870

It has a deep amber appearance, excellent brilliance, cleanliness and transparency. Its dark color not only inspires intimacy and closeness, but also brings us the mystery of the unknown.
Light and robust aroma, markedly intense, balanced, and complex in the nose. It presents subtle wood notes completed with fresh and fruity aromas; a harmony derived from the long coexistence in the oak barrel selected by the Master.
In the mouth it is soft, unctuous and delicate. With a long and persistent ending, it evokes the magic of mixing aged eaux-de-vie and rums to maturity, with the strength and complexity of the original flavors of molasses.

Alcoholic strength 40%. It is presented in bottles of 70cl.