The line of juices, nectars and cocktails "La Estancia" adopts the name of the entity itself, as it is the strategic choice of the organization. It is characterized by two tendencies, one focused on the development of variants based on the broad universe of tropical fruits and other, which develops flavors from fruits of Mediterranean origin, under the premise of satisfying the most varied tastes of the local market.


Orange, mango, guava, pineapple, Piña colada, apple, pear, peach, fruit cocktails: tropical and Mediterranean, tomatoes and tomato with clams.

They are presented packed in corrugated cardboard trays and shrink wrap in the following formats:

1 Liter: 12 units 500 mL: 200 mL 24 units: 27 units

mango verde claro 200 ml

manzana verde claro 200 ml

melocoton verde claro 200 ml

naranja verde claro 200 mlch

pera verde claro 200 mlch

pina verde claro 200 mlch