Located at Peralejo street No. 103, between San Antonio and San Ricardo, Santiago de Cuba, it occupies an area of 16,430 m2. Founded in 1862, it is the oldest factory in the country in which they have maintained the tradition of Cuban light rum, an enriching and inseparable part of the national culture. It highlights the aging winery Don Pancho, known as the Cathedral of Rum, located so close to the railroad tracks that, as the legend says, the barrels cringe in their path, influencing the aging process.

A perfectly preserved winery, remains using barrels of over 90 years, which, along with other newer, give qualities to our rums.

The Rum Factories of Santiago de Cuba have certified and integrated the management systems of Quality and Safety by ISO 9001: 2008 and 22000: 2005; and maintains its ISO 17025-accredited laboratory: 2006.

There are several types of rums, wines, spirits and liqueurs that are manufactured there. The Santiago de Cuba, Varadero and Caney brands are produced here. They are distinguished by the high quality that determines the selection of brandy, successive mixtures of aged bases, the traditional and natural aging in barrels of American white oak which are subjected to the jealous care of Masters of Rum during the production process. All these qualities allow them to hold the protected Designation of Origin Cuba (DOP CUBA). They also often produce specialties for commemorative dates of the founding of the city, or to celebrate tributes as the 150th Anniversary of the Creation of the Cuban Light Rum, which gave origin to Ron Siglo y Medio.