La Estancia Cuban Beverages and Food Mercantile Society, SA, in abbreviated form "La Estancia, SA", with registered office at 216 A Street and No.1506 / 15 and 17, Siboney, Playa, Havana.



Social objective

"To produce, distribute and commercialize wholesale fruit, vegetables and vegetables preserves, jellies, jams, milk and dairy products, mustard, sauces, drinks and fruit juices, syrups and other preparations for making beverages and alcoholic beverages except beer in Cuban pesos and convertible pesos, according the nomenclature approved by the Ministry of Foreign trade and Foreign Investment ".



La estancia has a central office located at 216 A Street and No.1506 / 15 and 17, Siboney, Playa, Havana. It has 2 production plants, one located in Jaguey Grande and the other in Sancti Spiritus and a Logistics Division.



Food and Beverage La Estancia, SA is a producer and marketer of high quality food and beverage. It works to meet the demands of markets, domestic and export, providing a professional and personalized service with high social responsibility.



Being a competitive company of Cuban society for long-term packaged food and beverages, developing its capabilities to process and market products with the highest quality standards.



  • The company counts on 1st world technology, Tetra Pak, of high quality and durability, by a recognized supplier worldwide, which guarantees the containers, parts, maintenance and repairs of equipment and are interested in Cuba since we constitute one of the biggest consumers.
  • The wide range of juices and nectars that are marketed are made with natural fruit pulp.
  • It has sufficient production capacity to increase acceptance of customers and demands.


Common features of all products

  • Handling: The package is not fragile, it is low weight.
  • Storage: At room temperature for 1 year without refrigeration.
  • UHT process: For pasteurization, which makes fresh product characteristics be preserved.
  • The packaging material is recyclable (Aid to the preservation of the environment)
  • The polyethylene that is in contact with the food is of low density. It does not add chemicals and metal contaminants to the product.
  • No preservatives or dyes are used in the ingredients.
  • Consumer Care Phone has been included in all packaging.
  • There is a common graphical element for all packaging used to identify they are from the same manufacturer.


leche entera 1l

leche entera evaporada 500 ml

mango verde claro 200 ml

manzana color upa 200 ml

manzana verde claro 200 ml

melocoton verde claro 200 ml

naranja verde claro 200 mlch

pera color upa 200 ml

pera verde claro 200 mlch

pina verde claro 200 mlch

tropical 1lch

pure de tomate 500 ml

pure de tomate condimentado 500 ml

salsa para pasta 500 ml