He was born in Havana on April 7, 1970, but he spent his childhood and youth in the city of Santiago de Cuba, where he currently lives.

His first studies were in"26 de Julio " and "Espino Fernández" schools in Santiago de Cuba. His pre university studies were in the "Cuqui Boch" Institute in that same city.

In 1993 he graduated as an agronomist in the (current University of Granma) "Higher Institute of Agricultural Sciences" of Bayamo, obtaining positive results in scientific events.

He began his working life in the Provincial Research Station of Sugarcane in Granma, where he served until February 2003. During this stage he graduated as Master of Science in Plant Production in 2000, he attended postgraduate courses (26), conducted advisory work for Diploma papers to 4th and 5th year Agronomy students (3), he gave lectures and courses (6), participated in National and International (12) Events and conducted researches (17).

In March 2003 he began working in the Production Department of the Rum Factory of Santiago de Cuba, in the Caney rum factory. He worked as a manufacturer, Technology Specialist and Team Leader of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). He is currently Head of the Innovation Group of the Rum Factory. He has received 11 courses and trainings during this period.

He participated in the replacement and modernization of the filters used for filtration and dilution of liquor and in the implementation of the water demineralization plant in the Rum Factory of Santiago de Cuba.

He has participated in the development and production of new products such as: 50 Aniversario del Asalto al Cuartel Moncada, assortments of Santiago de Cuba brand, Añejo Superior 11 years, the Extra Añejos 12, 20 and 25, as well as the 495 Anniversario de la Fundación Santiago de Cuba; Havana Club Selección de Maestros and other rums as Varadero Silver Dry, Caney Blanco and Extra Añejo XXX Anniversario del CIMEX.

He has participated in national and international (5) events and the Meeting of the Caribbean Rum producers.

In 2011 Cuba Ron gave him the category of Master of Cuban Rum, by the results achieved in the defense of the history and cultural expression of Cuban Light Rum.