He was born in the central region of Cuba in the municipality of Santo Domingo, Villa Clara Province on September 8, 1976, doing his studies in the town of Rodrigo of the same municipality. In 1991 he continued his education in the University of Exact Sciences "Ernesto Che Guevara" in the city of Santa Clara.

During his training as a chemical engineer at the University of Las Villas, he made his pre professionals practicum in the Central rum factory "Agustin Rodriguez Mena" starting to feel interested in the Rectification of Alcohol and Cuban Rum production processes in its many stages.

Upon graduation in 2000 he began working in the Central rum factory as a technologist. A year later he became a wannabe for the Masters of Rum movement, where he developed the ability to identify and select the raw and auxiliary materials in the Rum manufacturing process and introduce technological improvements. He conducted Projects and researches, learning to interpret results, design products; but above all, as he himself expressed "he learned to love the Cuban rum as an authentic expression of our culture". In 2009 he was awarded the rank of Master of Cuban Rum by the top leadership of Cuba Ron corporation, which he holds until today.

He has worked in the development of new products and the formulation of rums; aimed at expanding the assortments of Havana Club and Cubay brands, among which are the Cubay Añejo Suave, 10 Years Cubay Añejo Superior, Cubay Carta Dorada and Havana Club Selección de Maestros.

He has participated in international presentations representing the Cuban rum in Chile, France, Spain, Peru and Argentina, where the launch of Havana Club Selección de Maestros and Pro-Wine fair for wine and spirits markets in Europe took place.

In Cuba, he has participated in several events covering the International Fair of Havana, Expo Caribe Fair Santiago de Cuba, ExpoCentre, Habano Fair and Master Class Havana Club, presenting different brands such as Havana Club, Cubay, Santiago Cuba and Caney.

He has taught courses nationwide on sensory evaluation of rums, spirits and eaux-de-vie; technological processes of production of rums and rectification of alcohol. As Auditor, he has conducted technical inspections in both the Central Rum Factory and other Cuba Ron factories. He has published articles in national magazines related to issues of technological innovation. He is a member of the ANIR and holds the 8 October award.