Summer has begun, and people spend more days in the beach frequently. Enjoying the calm landscape of the tropical sea while it is imbricate with the human figure, it must be an enough good reason to sweat while sand sticks to the skin. But summer in Cuba is more than that. It is actually a sports party, which includes among its attractions the North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation (NORCECA) Beach Volleyball tournament.

From July 14th to 18th, couples from the region have a meeting arranged at the Barceló Solymar-Arenas Blancas Hotel, in Varadero, to take part in a stop of the 2017 NORCECA circuit, a tournament in which the beach volleyball finds its better spot: the warm sands of the tropics. The NORCECA -sports confederation which sponsors the competition- tournament has been celebrated since 1968, and it has been established as a competition of international prestige, involving high level couples. This sport –included in the Olympic Games since 1996- is widely enjoyed by fans. It can be played during an afternoon of having fun with friends, and also be enjoyed during a professional international event like the NORCECA circuit.

Several companies and corporations sponsor NORCECA. The Corporation “Cuba Ron S.A.” is one of those sponsors, making this tournament the right spot to publicize their brands. The advertising of Cuba Ron which will accompany the beach volleyball event was filmed on the sands of Playa Santa Maria, at the eastern part of Havana. It was rolled and produced by the audiovisual director Ismael Perdomo.

Sun, excellent beaches, wise audience, world-class players, advertising: everything is ready to play beach volleyball.