During the 7th International Gourmet Workshop, organized by the Professional Training System for Tourism (Formatur) and the Excelencias Group, the Corporation “Cuba Ron” was rewarded because of the 20th anniversary of the Excelencias Group.

The workshop -held between June 7th and 9th, at Habana Café, in Meliá Cohíba Hotel- was the main event of the celebration of the Group's anniversary. The recognition to Cuba Ron is also due to the contributions of this corporation, joining Excelencias, to the promotion of tourism in the pearl of the Antilles.

In the words of the Director of Excelencias Group, José Carlos Santiago:

"Cuba Ron has been our partner, our support, our brother and our incentive to show the gastronomy of Cuba (...) We are only a support, a support made with love and with much affection and which enables any product exposed to be seen by many people. At the same time, this support guarantees a certain standard of quality to the products we advertise and, therefore, any product like those elaborated in Cuba grants prestige to our support by choosing us for being in charge of their advertisements".

During this 7th Workshop, Alberto Pizarro, who is the Bar Manager of "Bobby Gin", in Barcelona, stated that the Rums elaborated by Cuba Ron have a great future in countries like Spain, because of their amber and soft shades, which are not as harsh as the rums of other origins. We must give evidence, he said, to show Cuban products to Spanish consumers.

The workshop included lectures, panels, samples, tastings and a cocktail competition. That competition was won by Adrián Bolivar, from the Bartenders’ School of Cuban Bartenders Association, who used Pineapple Liquor from the "Cubay" line in his mix. Bolivar stated that the CBA is working very hard to encourage the use of Cuban products in the elaboration of cocktails, instead of imported ones.