By: D. Espinosa

Habana-Habano concluded on Saturday September 19 in the Cuban capital. The symposium, organized every two years by the Cigar Museum belonging to the Office of the Historian of the City, this particular edition devoted space to the mixture of the cigar of the island with rum and coffee.

Therefore, the Santo Angel Restaurant, located in the historic center of Old Havana, welcomed cigars sommeliers, vendors and tasters called by the company Cuba Ron SA to make the marriage between Bolivar cigar, Montecristo coffee and Cubay " 500 Aniversario de Remedios " rum.

Zoe Nocedo, director of the Museum and president of the fair, said that organizers dedicated the last day to a product of Cuba Ron, representative of Cuban heritage, hence the premiere of this eau-de-vie.

The Bottle tribute to the eighth village recognized by the Spanish in Cuba merges "the flavor of the center," according to José Machin, president of Balcón del Habano.

The supreme quality of the product is due to its gestation in Santo Domingo, Villa Clara province, where it rested in barrels of American white oak with components of more than 50 years. It has 40 degrees of alcohol and was made from raw materials from the Midwest in the only distillery where rum is manufactured with agricultural materials. Thus, the elixir surrounds the common palate between the eastern and western style.

For pairing, the level of acceptance between one product and another was evaluated. It was conducted by specialists in this type of activity. Among them were the Brazilian journalist Cesar Adames or Pedro Tejeda, rum tasting world champion; Fernando Fernandez and a renowned Habano Sommelier and expert taster of Cuban cigars Juan Jose Lopez, consultant of Habano SA, who has been responsible for similar pairings.

Tejeda thanked the Cuba Ron company to regain Cubay, which currently is-for presentation and quality- at the same level as the elite brands in the country. It is, according to the specialist, a drink with much wisdom behind and a good choice to recommend.

As for the bottle included in the pairing he said that is a "totally balanced, round, harmonious, with pleasant notes of wood and sweet tones of its own nature, which makes it a competitive internationally rum. Bound by its aromas, it makes you move to the center where it was made; refers to the smell of burning cane and has a roasted flavor of the same barrel of the production process at the plant."

"I felt to the palate a very smooth rum at the entrance, pleasing to drink, with an important aspect, because when the rums do not have the finesse and patience in their aging, it becomes hard to drink them and understand them. Here is a great technology, but also a "how to" that indisputably allows Masters of Cuban Rum seal the difference between the beverages produced today. " he said.

Habana-Habano symposium had participants from Canada, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina, besides Cubans. More than 50 guests came to this event, which proposed exchanges, conferences, and included for the fourth time a course dedicated to cigars.

There also was the courtesy to close its program with Cubay "500th Aniversario de Remedios". Cuba Ron offered the exclusive product without a market that has not yet reached the glass of the lovers of these prestigious spirits, one hundred percent national.